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Ben Franklin - Writing


Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.

- Benjamin Franklin

Wise words from a wise man.

A few more quotes from Mr. Franklin…

  • Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every new year find you a better man.
  • Well done is better than well said.
  • Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.


Optifine for Minecraft

Optifine is a mod introduced with the Magic Launcher to smooth out the Minecraft’s picture functionality. You can download
Optifine for Minecraft to improve your gaming ability. It includes a variety of tricks and methods to produce the Minecraft run
fast on your computer. It is highly suggested by the experts to install the Optifine for Minecraft. Optifine supplies a
considerable increase to FPS for any player playing with Minecraft. It does not matter you’re playing offline or online with any
range of these players, you can expect improved graphics and improved functionality.

Optifine is considered great for all those computers operating Minecraft. It is designed to help your computer to conduct the
Minecraft game quicker and also to offer a playable experience. You may use it on your old notebook as well.

Even in case you’ve got an advanced laptop using a super slim ultrabook, fantastic battery life, and nice profile, it might not be
that good for GPU department. You may not have a great experience while playing games. It’ll be frustrating as most of the
improved features will only contribute to more battery life and better experience whilst utilizing different sources of the world
wide web. But when it comes to the Minecraft, you may not have the ability to start at the absence of this Optifine.

Together with the Optifine on the default setting, you can play Minecraft in 15 FPS. You can play Minecraft in -30FPS or so.
Besides, the Optifine will enhance the general performance to give you a lot of fun and amusement whilst enjoying Minecraft.
Optifine is a great mod that has the potential to increase the speed of their Minecraft maps and games. Anyway, it gives lots of those
options to play with. It’s not hard to operate. With all the provided options, you may improve the standard of the match,
graphics, and also the functionality.

Lots of the consumers have voiced satisfaction with the result. According to a survey report, over forty percent users are
satisfied with the FPS increase. They find it 200%+ and seventeen percent find it 100 % growth. Just a few percentage around six
percent did not encounter any growth with this mod.

If you are just beginning and you have a very little idea about the tech, you might find it a bit tricky. You can be easily lost
in the configuration menu. It is possible to make it simple by following the programmer hover-tips which will appear when you
click any other button. You’ll have different buttons for the different kinds of the settings. You’ll have the buttons to the
cartoon, video setting overall, functionality, quality, along with other capabilities. You simply need to visit the submenu
section to find out which changes you will have to have a much better experience.

While the functionality setting will revolve around the FPS, making, and chunk updates, the quality setting will focus on the
custom textures, colors, and biomes, and the animations configurations will probably have three buttons. With these buttons, you
can handle a lot of things. In any case, you are able to toggle 17 different in-game animations. There are various buttons for
different kinds of the setting. You simply have to go through all of these to find the ideal combination. You can make all these
changes with one push of the buttons.

It is possible to use the settings to maximize the benefits. By employing these settings, then you can set graphics to fast, turn
off smooth lighting, switch off the fog, turn off clouds, turn off animations, place render distance to brief, place performance
to max FPS, and set AdvancedOpenGel to quickly. After the changes, you will enjoy the Minecraft than ever before.

How to set up Optifine

The installation will be simple and not as time-consuming. You’ll need to go through the followings for the installation.
• you’ll have to download the latest Optifine to your Minecraft. • For your download, you will need to double click the Jar file.
With these simple steps, you may easily download Optifine for Minecraft.

Which are the Kinds of all Optifine downloads?

You’ve got any uncertainty about the version you are seeking, you can consider both choices.
Optifine Standard for Minecraft 1.2.4 and 1.2.5

It comes with some enhanced features. It eliminates the lag spikes and extends the normal edition. The FPS will be a lot smoother
without bending and stuttering. If it works well, then you will certainly have a unique experience. If it doesn’t work, then you
need to try standard one. Standard one has some limited capabilities. But it may work well on almost any pc.

It is better than the above two. It will extend the smooth edition and will use the second core on the multi-core processors. The
FPS will be much smoother on a single-core processor. You will not experience any freezes and stuttering. On a multi-core chip, it
will get the job done tremendously well. It will have 3x quicker world loading without diminishing the FPS.

Optifine C Lighting to Minecraft 1.2.4 and 1.2.5

This is a light edition. Therefore, you cannot anticipate many developed attributes. It’s specially intended for the slower
computers to improve FPS. You will have no HD attributes and configuration like the versions mentioned above.
By default, the Optifine settings are optimized based upon the model you have downloaded. Before trying any setting, you must
first attempt to play your match with the default setting for half of an hour to know the root of lag. With the suitable notion,
you can make the adjustments that you want to tweak. While thinking of setting change, your focus must be on FPS speed to create
it Max. You can consider other changes depending on your requirements.

Yahoo Mail

Does anyone use Yahoo mail anymore? I just learned there was a download version of Yahoo Mail. I always thought it was for web browsers only. I guess there is one for Gmail too. Speaking of Gmail, if you are still using Yahoo Mail, you should seriously consider switching to Gmail instead. It really is that much better. CSO has tips on how to do that.

Options for CouchTuner Lovers


CouchTuner is one of the world’s most popular streaming TV and movie sites. But there are so many questions about it. Is it legal (probably not)? Are some of the versions of it scams (definitely)? Our helpful guide to CouchTuner alternatives on Honeydogs helps you find viable and safer alternatives.

Let’s look at some of the top ones.


If you want to take pleasure from the advantage of free streaming that also cost free in a legit way, then Rainierland may be the thing you have already been looking for long. This web site is simple to navigate possesses tons of media content material. You can simply find any film of your decision to watch here free of charge.


This is among the great places for enjoying it shows in hi-def quality. That is an user-friendly system and several latest Television series and films can be looked at in this streaming site in internet. Hulu Plus may be between among the hi-def movie sites available on-line.

A Guide for Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

Mac users deserve shortcuts, too. That’s why we added a complete Mac Keyboard Shortcuts guide to complement the one we provided for Windows not too long ago. The keys might be different, but the results are generally the same. Less time hunting around with the mouse means more productivity. Take a peek at the complete Mac Keyboard Shortcuts guide today.

Here are a few sample keyboard shortcuts for Mac that everyone should know.

Command + X Cut the selected item and copy it to the Clipboard
Command + C Copy the selected item to the Clipboard. This also works for files in the Finder.
Command + V Paste the contents of the Clipboard into the current document or app. This also works when using files in the Finder.
Command + Z Undo the previous command. You can then press Command + Shift + Z to Redo, reversing the undo command. In some apps, you can undo and redo multiple commands.

It’s All About the Shortcuts, Stupid

Office Table with Keyboard and Mouse

Do incessant mouse clickers drive you crazy? Don’t just drag the mouse cursor needlessly around the screen. Harness the power of keyboard shortcuts to speed up your computer usage tremendously. Honeydogs has a complete list of Windows Keyboard Shortcuts to teach you how one or two key presses can save you seconds. And those seconds really add up!

No one should be using the mouse to select menu commands like Copy and Paste when simple keyboard shortcuts exist. Here are three that absolutely everyone should know by heart.

CTRL + C – Copy

CTRL + X – Cut

CTRL + V – Paste

That’s just the start. Learn and memorize keyboard shortcuts for all the applications you use regularly and you’ll be zooming around in no time.

Influence – When Opportunities Become Scarce We Want Them More

Lone Tree in the Desert

A powerful influence in our decision making is deficiency: if their availability is limited, opportunities are noticed as more valuable. This appears to be caused by the fact people hate losing opportunities, which is well-known by advertisers and is clear within their use of “For a restricted time only!” “Last opportunity!” “Sale finishes in two days!”

A study demonstrated that when participants were told on meat of a limited-time sale, they bought three times more than if there was no time limit. Interestingly, this effect was compounded when people were told that merely a select few knew about the sale. The deficiency of both the information as well as the offer itself made shoppers buy six times more meat than customers oblivious of the time limit!

Deficiency becomes a robust influence under two states: First, we have a tendency to want something more than if it has not been high all along if its availability has decreased recently. This is why revolutions are inclined to occur when living conditions deteriorate sharply rather than when they’re low. The surprising drop increases folks’s want for something better, so that they take action.

Second, competition constantly establishes our hearts racing. Whether in romances auctions or real-estate deals, the thought of losing something to a rival often turns us from hesitant to overzealous. That is why, to buyers, real estate agents often mention for example that several other bidders will also be enthusiastic about a house that is given, whether true or not.

To counter the eagerness that arises from deficiency, we should always consider whether we want the item in question because of its use to us (for example, its flavor or function), or just because of an irrational wish to possess it. The answer will often function as latter, when deficiency is being used against us.

When opportunities become scarce, we want them more.

Influence – We Need to Reciprocate Favors

Petting the Dog

Humans have an overpowering need to reciprocate favors. This is one of the central themes in Robert Cialdini’s Influence (see our earlier post on judgement and behaviors).

The rule of reciprocation states that we feel a duty to settle others in kind for whatever they have supplied to us. For it enabled our ancestors to share resources, safe in the information that they’d be reciprocated later this inclination forms the basis of all societies.

If a person does us a favor and we do not return it, we feel an emotional burden. This is partially because, as a society, we are disdainful of these who do not reciprocate favors. We label them as ingrates or moochers, and fear being labeled as such ourselves.

Several experiments have demonstrated that people are so keen to rid themselves of this burden of debt that they’ll perform bigger favors for small-scale ones. For example, when a research worker, “Joe”, bought test subjects a ten-cent Coke and later asked them to buy raffle tickets they reciprocated by buying 50 cents’ worth of tickets. It was twice the amount compared to if Joe not supplied any Coke first. Because in the research situation all the truly free selections were Joe’s clearly the possibility for abuse exists here. He not only compelled a debt onto the issues by purchasing them a Coke, but also chose their approach to reciprocation.

When they gifted flowers to passersby on the road, the Krishna organization used this approach. Though normally annoyed, people often made contributions to the business to meet their demand to reciprocate the flower.

To fight back against efforts to take good advantage of the rule of reciprocation, it’s impossible to reject as you would rapidly become a cranky hermit all favors. Rather, identify for what they essentially are, whether genuine party favors or abusive exploitation tactics, and simply then reciprocate in kind, offers.

Influence – Rejection then Retreat


Following up on our Influence series, based on the work of Robert Cialdini. Buy the book here.

Rejection-then-retreat is a devious approach because it evokes reciprocation and the principle of contrast.

Just as we need to pay back favors, so too do we feel obliged to match concessions in discussions. In case a boy scout first asks you to obtain a five-dollar raffle ticket, but then retreats to requesting you only buy a one-dollar sweet, you’re likely to purchase the sweet to match his “concession,” not or whether you’re hungry.

This is known as the rejection-then-retreat strategy, and it is astonishingly powerful in attaining compliance. Along with our want to reciprocate concessions, in addition, it evokes the contrast principle: the difference of the second to the very first is magnified, when two things are presented to us one after the other. Therefore, the example that is sweet in the boy scout looks disproportionately cheap subsequent to the raffle ticket.

The rejection-then-retreat strategy has even brought down presidents, such as in the infamous Watergate scandal: In 1972, the re election of President Richard Nixon seemed inevitable, yet somehow a guy called G. Gordon Liddy managed to convince the Committee to Re-elect the President (CRP) that they should give him 250,000 dollars to burglarize the offices of the Democratic National Committee.

It was a risky undertaking that is preposterously, but Liddy used the rejection-then-retreat strategy. He started by proposing a one-million-dollar scheme including prostitutes, mugging and kidnapping. Though his later second and third propositions were still scandalous and unbelievably ill-conceived, the CRP believed they had to give Liddy something” for his concessions from his first scheme. Also, compared to the original excessive one-million dollar proposition, the 250,000-dollar scheme including “mere” burglary no longer seemed that bad. The ensuing scandal, following the burglars were captured, eventually forced Nixon to resign.

Influence – Sometimes Our Shortcuts in Judgement Can Be Used Against Us

Baby Chick

These thoughts are collected followed a reading of Robert Cialdini’s excellent work, Influence.

Occasionally the behavior of creatures can seem ridiculously simple. Think about the mother turkey, which even attacks them or generally cares greatly for its chicks but abandons if they don’t emit their identifying “cheep-cheep” sound. Conversely, even as little as a replica of the turkey’s arch-nemesis, the polecat, will generate tender attention from the mother turkey provided that it “cheeps” loudly. The sound is an easy trigger: a shortcut that enables the turkey to immediately and, in most cases, reliably identify its chicks.

In case of the replica polecat, the mother turkey’s shortcut looks quite ridiculous, but we too use similar psychological shortcuts. We just must, as the world is a complex area where it’s impossible for people to ponder the information on each decision we make. Therefore, we use shortcuts that are fast, and they serve us.

Just as a turkey can be tricked by scientists into mothering a filled polecat, so called compliance professionals, like advertisers, con artists, salesmen and so on, can deceive us into using our shortcuts against our own interests. They often do this to get us to comply with their demands, for example, to purchase a product.

Generally abused is the “price indicates quality”-shortcut: people generally suppose expensive items are of higher quality than ones that are cheap. A salesman that is wily might put it to use against us, although often this shortcut is somewhat accurate. For example, memorabilia stores often sell unpopular jewels by raising rather than lowering their prices.

We have to recognize and defend ourselves against the manipulators who fool us into wrong using those shortcuts, lest we wind up looking as foolish as the poor mom turkey because dealing with the complexities of life means needing to rely on shortcuts.

Our shortcuts in judgment can be used against us.

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